Nita Whyte, Chairperson
Franz Owens, Vice Chairperson
​Stan Prater, Secretary

Mina Blackwell, Treasurer
Edward Murphy
Keith White

Michael Strickland

Liset Diaz

Alton Robinson

Jennifer Amaya

     The George Gramby Observance Committee is a nonprofit organization that plays an integral role in sustaining drug prevention by connecting  those seeking recovery  with highly capable inpatient and outpatient programs.  This process that George started, refined over our 23-year history, promotes good matches between  willing volunteers and and  successful recovery stories, frequently over a long term.   



  • Morristown Neighborhood House
  • Urban League of Morris County
  • Eva’s Village (Patterson NJ)
  • Market Street Mission
  • The Eric Johnson House
  • Sheriff’s Labor Assistance Program (Morris County SLAP)
  • Morris County Prosecutor’s Office


  • Town of Morristown
  • ​​PNC Bank
  • Calvary Baptist Church
  • Jersey Central Power & Light Co.
  • Bethel Angels
  • Congressman Rodney    Frelinghuysen

About Us


        George Gramby was the founder of a drug and alcohol referral center in Morristown, NJ. The center was known as Beginnings and was founded in 1984. Through Beginnings, George tirelessly worked within the community to help many people turn their lives around. In 1991 George became very ill. Recognizing the value of his contributions to society, members of the community decided to honor him with his own day, The George Gramby Day. Shortly thereafter, George passed away; however, his efforts live on through the early celebration of his life by way of an annual George Gramby Day event and also by the continued efforts of the George Gramby Observance Committee.


Partners and Sponsors




Recovery  Awareness  



Board Members

     The George Gramby Observance Committee is dedicated to continuing the vision of the late George Gramby by heightening the community’s awareness about the disease of addiction through prevention, education and the celebration of recovery.

​​     Our vision is to empower individuals to actively abstain from substance abuse, freeing themselves from addiction utilizing the education and resources introduced to them by our committee.

Methods and Programs

  • Youth Outreach Events
  • Annual Celebration of Gramby Day
  • Annual Recovery Walk
  • Volunteering 
  • ​Event Sponsorship
  • ​Charity
  • ​Community Service
  • ​Monthly Meetings
  • ​Fundraising